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Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get an estimate?

The best way to get an estimate is to call us! We will discuss yor particlar sitaution to decide whether the move can be booked over the telphone or if you need an in-home moving consulation. We can normally evaluate most small to mid-sized jobs by telephone.

How do you charge? Are there any hidden charges?

We charge for our local moving services on an hourly rate, plus an appropriate trip/travel time charge added to the end of the job. Our low, low hourly rates includes your truck, gas, your men, all of the equipment, shrink wrap and floor protection. Only boxes, packing supplies and additional valuation coverage carry an additional charge. We can offer a guaranteed price for most long distance moves. The guaranteed price will be all inclusive for the items and services known at the time of the estimate.

How does the time work on a local move?

Basically, the time starts when our movers arrive at your loading location and check in with you. It will continue until we are done working at your final destination. The time between your various locations is part of the time worked, less any breaks the crew may take. We always ask that the truck follows you to your new place. When we are done working, we round up the time to the nearest one-quarter hour, add the travel time/trip charge and this is how we calculate your final charges.

How far in advance do I need to call to get my move scheduled?

You can get the best price for your move by booking it as far in advance as possible even though we can nornmally schedule most jobs with only a day or two advance notice. For larger jobs, we suggest calling two to four weeks in advance.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes. We have minimums for different types of moves. For single items, in-house moving and piano moves, we offer a reduced minimum (if your schedule is flexible), plus a trip/travel time charge, Most other moves during regular business hours have a two hour work minimum, plus the travel time. At all other times, there is a three hour work minimum, plus the travel time.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we require a deposit for the minimum charges on a local move and 50% down for long distance moves. We accept all of the major credit cards. The deposit is deducted from the final cost of your move.

When is the final balance of my move due?

For local moves, the balance is due at the end of the job on the the day of your move and can be paid by cash, check, or any major credit/debit card. For local moves, we collect the final charges when we arrive at your destination, before unloading.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) as well as checks and cash for local moves. We do not, however, accept personal checks for the final payment on a long distance moves, for jobs going into self-storage or for loading rental trucks.

What time will you start my moving job?

Our movers normally arrive for your move scheduled in the morning between 8 AM and 9 AM, or at the agreed upon time. We also schedule moves starting in the afternoon between 1 PM and 5 PM. Tell us what time in the afternoon you prefer and we will do our best to get our movers there on time.

Will your movers ever try to stretch the time out?"

No, of course not. We are professional movers and are there to get the job done. If you even have an issue with your job in progress, just call our Customer Support Vehicle. Our Operations Manager is always available to assit you with any problems or concerns.

Are my things and my home insured during the move?

Yes, we offer a limited liability coverage of sixty cents per pound, per article, up to $50.00 per article at no additional charge while your things are in our care and control. We can also provide additional full value protection for an additional charge. $10,000 minimum coverage starts at just $100. The full value coverage removes the sixty cents per opound, per article, up to $50.00 per article. We cover any damage to your premisis up to the limit of our insurance ocverage at no addtional charge.

Do you work on Sundays?

Our movers are available seven days a week and in the evening as well.

How will you protect my furniture?

Each one of our trucks comes fully equipped with cloth furniture padding, dollies, cargo control straps. Our movers will wrap each item as required with pads, carbdboard and shrink wrap at no additonal charge.

Do you offer packing?

Yes. We offer a full line of packing boxes and supplies. We charge on an hourly basis for local moves and on a per box/job basis for long distance moves.

Do you provide boxes?

Yes, we offer a full line of packing boxes and supplies. We can also fashion custom corrugated and woodcrates for valuable artwork, marble and other fragile items.

Do you have a way to move the hanging clothes in my closets?

Yes. We offer a tall carton with a metal bar across the top of it known as a wardrobe box. We normally rent these cartons for your use on the day of the move. If you need to use these cartons for storage or a long distance move, it is generally more economical to purchase them.

I need to store my things... do you offer storage?

Yes. We offer large 7 'X 7' X 5' containerized storage vaults which can be loaded on site at your location or at our climate controlled warehouse facility in Chantilly, Virginia. We provide cloth furniture padding with each vault. Your items are loaded once into the vault and we store the vault. Fewer handlings of your things keeps them in good condition. We can also move you to your own self-storage facility. If you need to storage things for only a day or two, we can also offer overnight truck storage depending on availablility.

Do you do long distance moving?

Yes. We are a fully licensed and insured interstate carrier. Our trucks normally operate in the region east of the Mississippi River and up and down the Eastern Seaboard. We can move you even further through our affiliates!

Do you do small jobs?

Yes, There is no job too big or too small for Our Great Around Town Movers to handle.

Do you do in-house moves or load/unload rental trucks?

Yes, Our Great Around Town Movers are here to serve you with all of your moving needs. We also offer paper pads, rope and locks for rental trucks at an additional charge.

Do you use full time movers?

Our movers are all full-time professional movers.

Should I empty my drawers before my move?

Not necessarily although it is the 'movers dream' that the drawers are empty. Nonetheless, our movers will move your dressers with everything in the drawers. We will wrap the dresser in shrink wrap to keep the drawers shut so nothing can fall out unexpectedly. We recommend that you remove any breakables or heavy items.

Do I need to take apart my beds and take the mirrors off of my dressers and put them back together when the job is over?

No. Our movers come fully equipped with normal hand tools. At your request, they will happily take apart the beds and dressers and put them back together in your new home.

Do you have references?

Please see our most recent testamonials and reveiws!